Krowd Faq

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What are the five key things you can do at the Darden Krowd portal?

While logged into the Darden Krowd portal, you can proceed to many other things including:

How Krowd app is beneficial for Darden employees?             

The employees and several team members of Krowd can join Krowd mobile app or Krowd iPhone. Darden Olive Garden offers its employees flexible work schedules.

Krowd franchise work to accommodate their employees. Darden employees are paid on a weekly basis.

How do I download Krowd app on my iPhone?

Step by step guide:

Does Olive Garden have an app?

Yes, there is a Darden Olive Garden which brings all the facilities to you.

Where is the headquarters of Darden located?

The headquarters of Darden is in Orlando Florida

Darden owns how many brands?

Darden owns eight brands they are called as