Top 10-rated universal lipsticks for all types of lips

The world of fashion has become very large. In the older days it was considered that fashion is just restricted to cloths and shoes but the world of fashion is now seen everywhere. It is not only restricted to cloths and shoes. Make up is now also the important component of fashion. People who are not fashionable are considered to be old and boring. Lipstick is one of the components or you can say a device that will make you look more attractive. In this article I will discuss the top 10 rated lipsticks.


Clinique Almost Lipstick is one of the top 10 rated lipstick. People have shown great response to it and its users are everywhere in the world. Users of this lipstick say that it is not just a lipstick as it provides a glossy look to your lips.


Revlon lipstick is the most famous brand for lipstick all over the world. The success of this brand lies in its quality and variety of colors that are available for lipstick lovers. People feel comfortable when they apply this lipstick on their lips. There are many other brands that are more expensive than it but they do not provide the comfort that Revlon provides. It does not let you lips dry and it stays longer on your lips.

Estee lauder

Next in the line of 10 most top rated brands of lipstick is Estee lauder. These are pure color and long lasting lipsticks. The price of this brand is bit high but they brand says that it will stay longer than other brands. `Users of this brand feel that if you apply this in the morning there is no need to worry about its shape and color till evening.

Sonia Kashuk lip colors:

Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color is famous and is one of the top rated brands because of its low cost and high quality. This lipstick is very good for people with sensitive skin and lips. As many people feel uncomfortable with many brands as their lips get dry because the use of such lipstick but this brand does not let your lips dry this is the reason of its success.

Other brands of lipstick:

Other brands that are included in the top 10 are Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Soothing Lip-Sheers, Nars Lipstick, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip color, NYX Round Lips, MAC Mattene Lipstick. These lipsticks do not differ much in their price and are considered to be of best quality and provide their users with variety of many exciting colors. This is the main reason of their success and because of this they are known throughout the world.


The articles lists and describes the top 10 rated lipstick brands and the reason due o which they are famous.

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