Krowd Darden Employee Login

Krowd Darden is an online employment portal that is used by the staff members of the Darden restaurant. Darden is a chain of restaurants having different brands and located in the American state of Orland. It has 1500 branches across the globe and thousands of employees. Its online employment portal or Krowd helps in maintaining and regulating the affairs of thousands of employees working in different places.

Krowd Darden

Krowd Darden:

Darden is one of the most popular food companies based in Orland, United States. It also has eight more brands of food that serve delicious seafood. Darden has the following popular restaurant brands under it:

  • Olive Garden
  • Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Capital Grille
  • Scratch Kitchen
  • Eddie V’s
  • Bahamas Breeze
  • Season 52

Need for Krowd app for Darden’s employees:

Being a Darden employee, you need to have a Krowd app or Darden employment portal. As it is crucial to obtain the information about the features Darden is offering to its employees. All this crucial information is given through the krowd app or online employment portal. The enormous benefits that this app offers are:

  • Information about your wages detail
  • You can request to alter your team Rota
  • Can learn about the updated staff Rota
  • You can grab employee rewards

Besides the benefits mentioned above, you can get much more through Krowd login as this app is specially designed for Darden employees. People can access it anytime to get the required information related to their wages or any other affair about the company.

Krowd app:

Krowd Darden app

Darden think tank has specially designed Krowd app for the employees of Darden brands. This app facilitates its users as it allows them access to critical information related to the company or employees’ paychecks in a breeze. Get the Krowd app and get real-time notifications, view your schedules, post and swap shifts, and send messages. You can easily download and install the app to grab amazing features and advantages that it offers.

Steps to download Krowd app on androids:

You can enjoy easy access to the Krowd online employees portal by installing its app on your android, and its installation is not a gigantic task at all. You need to follow the following simple steps to download it:

  • For your convenience, Krowd think tank has designed Krowd Darden app in a way that it works on almost all android versions like Marshmallow(6.0), Lollipop(5.0), and Nougat(7.0); however, it cannot operate on Kitkat
  • Before downloading the Krowd app on your android, you need to get registered in case you are not registered
  • For registration, visit the website and activate your account from where you will get your username and ID that will help in downloading the app
  • To download the app, visit the website http// on your chrome/Mozilla/internet explorer
  • You will be redirected to the login page of the Krowd app on clicking the link
  • Then, you need to enter your username and ID which you got at the time of registration
  • You will be signed in once you have entered the username and ID
  • You will be asked a certain security question that you need to answer
  • Once you are done with the security question, click on the download button and then press “start” which will start the actual download
  • Once the download is completed, you will get free access to a lot of information

Steps to download Krowd app on iPhone:

Krowd app is highly compatible with iPhone. Hence it does not require a lot of effort to download the app on the iPhone; rather, you need to follow the following simple steps:

  • You need to unlock your iPhone and visit the iTunes app store
  • Then, provide your Apple ID and iTunes password
  • Having done with all these formalities, you need to search for Krowd app in the search bar which will redirect you to Krowd home page
  • An option will pop on the screen saying download, which you need to press to proceed the downloading process
  • A blue circle will then appear on the screen showing the proceeding of the downloading process
  • Once the circle gets filled, it marks the indication that download has been completed
  • Enjoy free access to latest updates and news of Darden

Requirements to access Krowd online portal or app:

Krowd Darden online portal also needs specific requirements to get access to it, just like all other online portals. The requirements are:

  • Restaurant number: As mentioned before, Darden is a food giant and has many branches with different names; therefore, you need to have the restaurant number you are working at before activating an account.
  • Good internet connection: You need to have a good internet connection to access the online employees portal as Krowd is an online portal, and you can access it through your smartphone, PCs, or tablets.
  • Basic English language knowledge: You need to have basic English language knowledge as there are not many language options available at the site. Besides English, Krowd also offers the Spanish language to access the online portal.

Krowd registration process:

If you are a Darden employee and want to get access to an online employee portal, then you are at the best possible site. Because as the following information will help you to have easy access to the Krowd online portable, whether you are returning users or a new hire.

  • You can download the app on your android or access the portal through chrome via Krowd
  • If you already have an account, then you can easily access the employee portal by providing your user name and Id and clicking the login option.
  • If you are a new hire and do not have an account, then you first need to activate your Krowd account through the desktop site at the restaurant. Once you get registered there, you will receive a user name and a password that is necessary to login to the portal.
  • Once you enter krowd,, it will redirect you to another webpage. The users are already having an account can log in by providing their username and password.
  • While the new hire needs to click the find\activate account option, and this specific option can be found at the bottom of the login button.

Information required to get registered:

Once you click find/activate the account option, the window will redirect you to another one, and it will need the following personal information to proceed with the registration process.

  • Your name: you need to enter your first name, last name, and also the initials of your name. For example, if your name is Henry Fleming, then you will enter HF.
  • Your birthday information: You need to enter your birthday information in the very next tab.
  • Restaurant number: Before proceeding to the next stage of the application, you need to enter the restaurant number where you are currently working. Besides, you need to enter your post ID as well.

Note: Both ethically and professionally, the information you have put in should be correct, and you should make sure to be right before proceeding as the distorted information can hinder the proceeding process of registration.

Create your Krowd username:

The registration process needs your username in the next step to proceed further. Enter your correct username and keep your login information secret as it is highly confidential, and its leakage can create many unwanted situations for you.

Terms and conditions:

After providing your username, there appear terms and conditions of the Krowd online portal. Read all the requirements thoroughly and carefully, and then click the next button to continue the registration process.

Security questions:

The moment you click the next button, the screen will display specific security questions. You have the option to choose any three of them and answer them. And the most important thing is that you must remember the answers to these questions as it will be required in future signing and also in the recovery of your account in case you forget your username or password.

Choosing your Krowd password:

Having done all the difficult tasks, now it’s time to pick your password for your Krowd account to make it secure and confidential. The password should be 7-16 characters, and you need to remember your password by your heart as every time you need to login, you would enter the same password.

Note: If you want to log in at Krowd Olive Garden employee login, then you can follow the procedure as mentioned earlier.

Procedure to follow in case you forgot your password:

It is one of the intrinsic humane qualities to forget certain important things like passwords; however, you do not need to take stress as we are here to help you in this regard also. You just need to follow the following simple steps to retrieve your password in case you have forgotten it:

  • You need to open the krowd website where there will appear an option of recover password/username just beneath the login button
  • Click that option in case you have forgotten your password and you want to retrieve it
  • You will be redirected to a page on clicking this very option
  • This page will ask a few security questions, which you need to answer
  • Once you answered all the security questions, you will be allowed to access the page where you can set a new password for your Krowd account

However, always try to keep your password safe to avoid all these hectic steps.

Benefits of Krowd app:

Krowd thin tak has specially designed this online employee portal for the convenience of the Darden employees so that they can easily access the latest updates. This will ultimately benefit the company as well, but the majority of it helps employees to keep themselves updated. The following are some of the numerous benefits of the Krowd online employee portal.

Krowd as a social platform:

Krowd online portal helps Darden employees to communicate with each other and discuss the issues they face with their fellow workers. If you are new to a Darden job and face specific problems with your work, then you can easily take help from your fellow workers via, Krowd online portal.


Darden corporation directly deposits all the wages of the employees to the Darden deposit, which is easily accessible via Krowd online portal. All the employees have the luxury to check details about their salaries and tax. Also, they can easily download their payslips as well.

information regarding working Rota:

Krowd’s online portal enables Darden employees to check their working Rota. This portal also gives you updates if there are changes in employees working Rota. Besides, this portal allows for the employees to request for a change in the work schedule and holidays.

Employee benefits:

Krowd online portal produces this awareness among the employees that what kind of

Advantages they can get via this portal. The advantages are numerous; including medical

Coverage, health insurance, and many more. This portal offers a fantastic benefit to retired employees in the form of financial support.


Using this app, Darden employees can get the latest news about their respective restaurants and update themselves about the events that are likely to happen in the near future.

Job opportunities:

This app can potentially be a harbinger for an outstanding career as employees can search for job opportunities via this app. Besides, employees can also apply for the internal vacancies at Darden.


So that’s it, guys. Hopefully, now you are aware of the whole procedure of how to register the Krowd account and how to sign in to your account as every step has been discussed in detail. Go and get yourself registered at Krowd online portal to get numerous advantages.

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