How to choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone and what are different undertones for different types of skins?

Women and ladies face a lot of problems while choosing a lipsticks with matching cloth colors which suites them and also according to their skin tone. To cater this problem I will tell you some of the best tips that will help you in choosing and applying the best color according to your skin tone.


Before choosing a color of lipstick you should have a clear idea about your skin’s color because, the color that best suits you is the one that compliments you skin color. Moreover it should not only compliment the skin color but it should also compliment the color of your lips. Mostly there are 3 main skin undertones which include neutral, cool and warm. The best skin undertone is neutral because this allows you to select any color and it will defiantly suit you. Women and ladies having neutral skin undertone enjoy the liberty of applying any color on their lips and it suits them. They do not face any problem in this matter.


If you have cool skin undertone then it is preferred that you apply cool colors only. For example you can apply pale pink in order to look good. If you apply dark colors on your lips and you have a cool skin undertone then there are increased chances that it will not suit. There are some other factors that affect how your lipstick looks. For example lipstick gives different shade and color during the day when sun is out and looks different in night. So you should take care of lipstick colors you use in the day and in the night. The best practice is to apply dark color and shades in night and lighter colors during the day. Moreover natural colors are preferred during the day when the sun is out and lipstick with glossier touch should be used at night.

What one should apply before applying lipstick?

The discussion has made it pretty clear that you should apply different shades and color according to your skin. There is another method that will help you in this matter that is that you should apply a foundation or some balm such as a lip balm, Chap Stick or Vaseline on your lips before applying the applying. Let the foundation or balm whatever you have applied get dry. Use your hands or brushes to spread the foundation of your lips and after almost 5 to 10 minutes apply lipstick. This will give you more attractive look. Another advantage that it will provide is that using the foundation or Vaseline before applying lipstick will make the lipstick stay longer on your lips and it will not vanish from your lipstick until you remove it.


The article discusses the various colors and shades of lipstick and the methods in which they should be used.

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