Tips on How to use lipstick on dark lips to look younger than real age


Some ladies sometimes have dark lips and when they apply dark lipstick on it they don’t look cool and as a result ladies with dark lips avoid using dark colors on their lips or even sometimes they start hating lipsticks and do not use it. But this is not the solution the solution is something else which will be discussed in this article.

Key Tip:

First of all ladies should know that they are different from each other and they all are beautiful in different ways. I will discuss with you some of the ways so that you can have any kind of nature and color of lipstick on your lips whether dark or light. The key here is that in order to use lipstick on dark lips you should apply any kind of base on your lips before wearing lipstick. You should keep one thing in mind that the foundation used by you should match your skin. While applying this foundation on your face also apply it on your lips. Does not use the foundation too much on lips just rub it slightly on the lips? After applying the foundation use your fingers to further make it even with the skin color.

Appropriate way of applying base:

After you have applied the foundation on your lips let it dry. Wait for few minutes and let it dry so that the foundation and lipstick are not mixed. Then choose the color of your own choice which you love to use. This technique will now not show the actual color which was not good looking before. Other benefit of this technique is that now your lipstick will also stay longer as before. There is no doubt that different people have different kinds of lips and their color but this is the way to counter dark lips on which lipstick does not suits.

Use of Chap Stick:

Now you can use any color of your choice and it will not look bold. You should not be afraid of using any color with this technique. It is not necessary that you apply foundation only. You can also use Chap Stick or Vaseline instead of foundation. They will play the same role but make sure that you let it dry before you apply lipstick on it. Use smooth fingers or baby brushes to rub the foundation or Vaseline you have used on the lips.

Makeup Artist’s techniques:

The makeup artists have been using this technique since many years and it has proved to be an excellent way so that women and ladies with dark lips can also enjoy the variety of different colors in lipstick. You can also use this technique even if you do not have dark lips. The advantage that it will provide is that it will stay longer on it.


The article focuses on ways through which you can apply lipstick on dark lips. This technique is largely used by makeup artists.

How to choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone and what are different undertones for different types of skins?

lipstick color for your skin tone

Women and ladies face a lot of problems while choosing a lipsticks with matching cloth colors which suites them and also according to their skin tone. To cater this problem I will tell you some of the best tips that will help you in choosing and applying the best color according to your skin tone.


Before choosing a color of lipstick you should have a clear idea about your skin’s color because, the color that best suits you is the one that compliments you skin color. Moreover it should not only compliment the skin color but it should also compliment the color of your lips. Mostly there are 3 main skin undertones which include neutral, cool and warm. The best skin undertone is neutral because this allows you to select any color and it will defiantly suit you. Women and ladies having neutral skin undertone enjoy the liberty of applying any color on their lips and it suits them. They do not face any problem in this matter.


If you have cool skin undertone then it is preferred that you apply cool colors only. For example you can apply pale pink in order to look good. If you apply dark colors on your lips and you have a cool skin undertone then there are increased chances that it will not suit. There are some other factors that affect how your lipstick looks. For example lipstick gives different shade and color during the day when sun is out and looks different in night. So you should take care of lipstick colors you use in the day and in the night. The best practice is to apply dark color and shades in night and lighter colors during the day. Moreover natural colors are preferred during the day when the sun is out and lipstick with glossier touch should be used at night.

What one should apply before applying lipstick?

The discussion has made it pretty clear that you should apply different shades and color according to your skin. There is another method that will help you in this matter that is that you should apply a foundation or some balm such as a lip balm, Chap Stick or Vaseline on your lips before applying the applying. Let the foundation or balm whatever you have applied get dry. Use your hands or brushes to spread the foundation of your lips and after almost 5 to 10 minutes apply lipstick. This will give you more attractive look. Another advantage that it will provide is that using the foundation or Vaseline before applying lipstick will make the lipstick stay longer on your lips and it will not vanish from your lipstick until you remove it.


The article discusses the various colors and shades of lipstick and the methods in which they should be used.

Tips for bridal party dresses for plus size women and how to choose colors of dresses?


Women who are plus size and want to wear party dresses should not worry because they are plus size. You should consider this fact as an advantage and try to work out in order to look more and more attractive. This is not difficult; I will provide you with some tips and dresses that will bring good results for you. The trend has changed and like before the plus size women do not look bad. They are just as beautiful as others. Previously it was very difficult for plus size women to find out the right match that suits there body type but now you can easily find casual plus size dresses.

While choosing for dressing in order to go to different parties and weddings you should make sure that you look as gorgeous and stunning as others. It should be appropriate according to your figure. Do not try to wear anything that you find in front of your cupboard. Figure out the theme and nature of the party and then dress you up according to it.

Many boutiques online and in the market have made dresses having a v neck draped bodice; the aim is to make you look hot and beautiful to give an extra advantage to you over others. It is also important what type of cloth you wear. It is preferred that you wear relaxed jersey. Avoid dresses that do not suit you body and you wear them in order to hide your plus size body. This will not help instead it will make the situation worse. The problem is that it is not easy to find a perfect plus size bridesmaid dress and as a result you feel shy and low in confidence in parties and weddings. The color combination and design helps when you are plus sized. Make sure that you wear the right color and combination of design so that you minimize the plus size effect.

Wear dresses according to the weather. In cold winter, try to wear black and white combination as this trend is developing in many areas with women who area plus sized. The comfort level cannot be compromised at any cost. Make sure that the dress you are wearing is comfortable because if it is not comfortable then you will be busy in setting the dress all the time in the party and hence it will have a bad impression on others. You can take help from the internet for the coloring and designing purpose.

I would like to tell you that there are various online stores from where you can customize your dresses and are the ultimate solution for the plus size women dresses. You can also have plus size bridal dresses because you want to look as good as other brides. The bridal market is also considering this fact and is now catering the plus sized bridal dresses. Dark plus size bridal dresses along with other accessories will help you in increasing your confidence while you dress up.

Fashion and beauty tips for the girls and how to handle acne in young girl


There is no doubt in the fact that every one wants to look good and want different tips and techniques through which they can enhance their beauty and make themselves more attractive.  This need is among the basic needs for girls and as they want to look beautiful, attractive and hot they show great interest in the fashion field.  At their earlier ages this need is at its peak and they try different things to achieve their beauty goals. So to fulfill this need of the girl I will provide you with some beauty tips further in this article.

Girls and their need of beauty:

The need of beauty start when a girls reaches her teenage but she should make sure that teenage is one in which you should not over dose your face, hairs and other things. Girls have a very sensitive skin and the sensitivity is at its peak when they are in their teenage. Many of the girls are affected by pimples on their face this is because they use moisture that blocks the body pores and as a result they face the problem of pimples. So to avoid the pimples you should use moisturizer in mild form and it should not be used over dry skin. Also make sure that you do not use the moisturizer more than one time in a day. The use of it should be limited to avoid problem of pimples.

Problems face by teen age girls:

Another problem that the teenage girls face is the problem of acne. This disease is caused surely because this skin is sensitive and the hormonal changes that take place when a girl reaches her teenage. The best solution to deal with this acne problem is that the girl should make sure that she keeps herself neat and clean including her hands, face and hairs. During the time when there is a danger of acne make sure that you do not wear too much of makeup over your skin because there are chances that the brushes and other equipment used in make up will help the acne to grow.

Real beauty of girl:

The real beauty does not lie in the makeup but it is the natural beauty that means a lot to others. It is important for girls to understand that there skins are different from each other. It is not necessary that one thing that suits a girl will also suit the other. Women tend to have a less sensitive skin so they can use makeup to hide the spots and other things on their face but in teenage the girl has a natural beauty she should only wear less amount of makeup and focus of her dressing. She can use variety of lip glosses and can enjoy different color of lipsticks and nail polish.

What a teen age girl should use:

Teenage girls should try a foundation or Vaseline before applying lipstick on it because this will make the lipstick more attractive and will complement the sensitive skin. Moreover it also makes the lipstick to stay longer on your lips.

Why different types of makeup brushes and available in market and what are different types are?


Makeup has become the most important part in the world of fashion. Both men and women are now indulged in doing make up before going out in some parties of weddings. Mostly ladies wear a lot of makeup so that they look beautiful and attractive. There are many types of makeup brushes out of which few are discussed below.

Foundation brush:

Foundation brush is the most common type of make-up brushes. It is used to apply foundation on the face I order to make your skin smooth.  This efficiency of this brush depends on how well the hairs on brush are distributed. In order to perfectly distribute them you should put it in hot water and after that squeeze it with your hand of a cloth.

Duo fiber brush:

The use of duo fiber brush is to buff and blend the color which is used in make-up on eyes or cheeks. Many colors in liquid or hard form can be used to be applied by this brush on your skin.  The brush is made up of synthetic fibers. The use is quite easy and the brush is almost weightless.

Bronzer powder brush:

The brush is used for both bronzer and powder for applying it on your skin. The brush is round in shape and has a great reach. It is designed with so perfection that it picks a good amount of color from the kit and apply it flawlessly on your skin to make it smooth.

Eye shadow brush:

Next brush that I am going to discuss here is the most common and famous type of make-up brush known as eye shadow brush. This brush is large and flat and is used to apply color and makeup on the eyes.

Blusher brush:

This brush is also made up of fiber and is in a round shape used to apply color flawlessly on your cheeks. The brush makes the process smooth for applying foundation and shades onto your skin.

Fan powder brush:

The brushes discussed above are bit hard because they are used to apply liquid and shades that are also in almost liquid form. So for that it is necessary that the brushes are hard but when you want to apply something that is in powder form you should not use those brushes. Instead of it you should use fan powder brushes which are soft and are used where low coverage is required. They are helpful in removing the excess amount of powder that you have applied on your face.

Face contour brush:

Another type of brush that is used for makeup is face contour brush. This brush is also round in shape but it is also slanted in order to apply makeup to your skin.


This article is aimed at the types and description of various makeup brushes that are used by makeup artists in their jobs.

Top 10-rated universal lipsticks for all types of lips


The world of fashion has become very large. In the older days it was considered that fashion is just restricted to cloths and shoes but the world of fashion is now seen everywhere. It is not only restricted to cloths and shoes. Make up is now also the important component of fashion. People who are not fashionable are considered to be old and boring. Lipstick is one of the components or you can say a device that will make you look more attractive. In this article I will discuss the top 10 rated lipsticks.


Clinique Almost Lipstick is one of the top 10 rated lipstick. People have shown great response to it and its users are everywhere in the world. Users of this lipstick say that it is not just a lipstick as it provides a glossy look to your lips.


Revlon lipstick is the most famous brand for lipstick all over the world. The success of this brand lies in its quality and variety of colors that are available for lipstick lovers. People feel comfortable when they apply this lipstick on their lips. There are many other brands that are more expensive than it but they do not provide the comfort that Revlon provides. It does not let you lips dry and it stays longer on your lips.

Estee lauder

Next in the line of 10 most top rated brands of lipstick is Estee lauder. These are pure color and long lasting lipsticks. The price of this brand is bit high but they brand says that it will stay longer than other brands. `Users of this brand feel that if you apply this in the morning there is no need to worry about its shape and color till evening.

Sonia Kashuk lip colors:

Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color is famous and is one of the top rated brands because of its low cost and high quality. This lipstick is very good for people with sensitive skin and lips. As many people feel uncomfortable with many brands as their lips get dry because the use of such lipstick but this brand does not let your lips dry this is the reason of its success.

Other brands of lipstick:

Other brands that are included in the top 10 are Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Soothing Lip-Sheers, Nars Lipstick, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip color, NYX Round Lips, MAC Mattene Lipstick. These lipsticks do not differ much in their price and are considered to be of best quality and provide their users with variety of many exciting colors. This is the main reason of their success and because of this they are known throughout the world.


The articles lists and describes the top 10 rated lipstick brands and the reason due o which they are famous.

Techniques to avoid late night eating habit and some recommendation about how to take dinner


Young Generation and late night eating habit

The young generation has the problem of eating late at nights because either they are busy in their studies or they spend time with their friend and surf on the internet. They sleep late at night and feel hungry as they are awake. There are many other factors that lead to late night eating such as tension, depression and anxiety. Different studies show that when you do not eat at proper times your body is affected and as a result you feel problems. There are no problems when you eat late at night occasionally and have different snacks. When you take proper meal late at night then you have problems with your digestive system which leads to many diseases and harms your health. Sleep is essential with a proper diet.

Burning of calories:

When you eat late at night there are chances that the calories will not burn properly hence causing problems in digesting the food and as a result of which either you gain excessive weight or can make you under weight. It is important that your body gets appropriate time to repair and recharge your body. When your are as sleep the body is busy in excreting hormones that are essential for the functioning of organs and cells. They burn useless fats and strengthen your muscle. So in order to avoid such damages and make your body to function properly you should follow the tips given further in this article.

Some recommended habits for dinner:

You should take your dinner at 9 so that you give your body the essential time it needs to make you ready for a perfect sleep. It will also reduce the late night hunger and have the maximum positive effects. Still if you feel late night hungers try taking a meal that contains low fats and calories so that they are burnt properly. The habit is because you have developed it but don’t worry you can still reduce it y slowly changing your eating habits. Try to eat more in the evening and choosing the right combination of food items so that you become healthy.

Try to avoid food that is processed and contains calories such as sugary items or floor because they will cause your sugar level to vary from the required level. A common practice that many doctors suggest and is considered the healthiest habit is brushing your teeth before you sleep. One interesting fact that studies have found is that when people develop the habit of brushing their teethes before sleeping is that once they have brushed they will not want to eat anything more as then they feel to brush their teeth again.

Many nutritionists suggest people to do exercise in the morning and evening. They want you to join a gym or training center for this purpose. This will burn the unnecessary fats from the body and will make you active and young. You should try doing the things mentioned above to see good results for improving your late night habit.

Kids’ party dresses and different buying trends in culture


Role of Social Network in Clothing:

These days you are required to go to weddings and parties because you have a big social network. In the older days there was not much problem in getting ready for a party. These days the case is different. Sometime you need to be dressed up according to the themes. To fulfill these needs of parents many manufactures and companies now provide readymade cloths as a readymade solution for it. You are just required to select the dress you want for your child.

Online market of kid dresses:

The ultimate result is that dressing your child for a party has become easy not much of a problem because there are tons of dresses which is available in the markets and online for your children. As discussed earlier that kids are required to be dressed according to the theme, the reason is that because these parties are themed on various occasions and characters like super heroes, fairies, cartoons, and angels. Varieties of clothes are available to meet this need of kids. Actually it is fulfilling the need of the parents as they have to manage it for their kids.

Comfort and dressing:

The game is not over here because the most important thing in the purchase of a dress is the comfort level. It is possible that the most expensive and most beautiful dress will not be sold if it is not comfortable in wearing. Moreover weather has a big influence on the type of dress parents need for their kids. The type of dress also depends on the body of your kid.  Kids vary in their height, weight and other things. The best way to choose dresses for your kids is by comparing them with others and figure out what will look good on your kid. Make sure that the dress is fit for your child so that it is appreciated by others.

The main objective of the designers is that your child should stand out in children and everyone should appreciate their dressing. Kids are very excited for parties and their dress is one of the main thing from which they get excited. Mostly kids go for birthday parties, funfairs, parties in their schools and Halloween. So they want their dress to be according the occasion.

Theme dresses:

Themed dresses are designed to cater the needs of both male and female children. So make sure that whenever your child visits a party or someone in the family he or she is dressed according to the theme. Parents are responsible for bringing up their children. Parents should take care of the requirement of their kids.


The benefit of themed parties is that kids get to know a lot about a character on occasion when they are dressed according to it.

Quality Black and white party dresses for women and problem orientation in light colors

Impact of color Black in woman’s life

The world of fashion has grown and women and ladies of this era are much more fashionable than before. They want everything to be perfect and look attractive on them. Many women want to wear black and white dresses on parties and as we know that black is the most liked color by both the men and women. When you wear black dresses there is not a big problem. The color is so attractive and great that it looks good on everybody. You just need to care about the shoes and other things such as hand bags etc that you take while wearing a black dress. These things require less care when used with black dresses but the problem comes when you wear a white dress.

Choosing shades:

This article will further focus on ideas and tips to provide you with information about how you should use white dresses. There are many types of shades present in white color. Be careful while choosing the shade. The shade of white color should be able to compliment the skin tone. You are very lucky because there are many shades in white color and looks slightly different from each other. Different shades are used according to different skin tones. People with cool skin tone can easily wear any shade and it will look good but people with warm and neutral skin tone should work hard to figure what shade will suit them before wearing white.


One thing on which you should not compromise is that you should wear good quality clothes. This is because of the fact that in good quality clothes there are less chances of see through. The wearing of white and black dresses also depends on the type of weather. In hot summers women tend to wear white because black will absorbs heat and will become uncomfortable for them. Another thing that needs to be considered while purchasing is that you should not compromise on its comfort level. Unless and until you feel uncomfortable don’t buy or wear any dress.

Under garments and role of light shades:

Another major problem that women face while wearing white dresses is that when they wear white dress their underwear and bras become prominent. Any color even white will become prominent in white dress so the solution of this problem is that you wear a undergarments according to your skin tone. This will make sure that nothing becomes prominent which you wear beneath the white dress. This disadvantage is the advantage of the black dress as you can not see anything that you wear as your undergarment.

The game is not over here because it is not only the dress that will make you look good. There are some other things as well which you wear like shoes. Make sure that your shoe suits the kind of dress you are wearing. Moreover you should also be concerned about the hand bag you take with both white and black dresses. Not every color will suit your dress so be careful when choosing such items.

A brief discussion on Top ten Beauty Foods along with their nutritious benefits


The beauty of an individual depends on the diet he or she takes. There are certain things that will increase your beauty and will make you more attractive and there are certain things that need to be avoided. Your beauty depends on things that you intake and it affects the functioning of your body. If your body is working properly then definitely you will have positive results. Further in this article I will discuss with you the things you should take to increase your beauty,

Low Fat Yogurt:

Low fat yogurt is considered to be the best food item to take in order to increase your health and beauty. It contains large amount of calcium that is essential for your bones and teethes and makes you stronger. You should develop a habit of having a minimum of one cup daily of this low fat yogurt. It is not only useful for bones only but also for your skin. Next in line as the most rated beauty food item is wild salmon.  This helps in fighting with the inflammation and helps in reducing wrinkles and redness from the face. Try to use fresh salmon rather than canned because all the fresh items have positive results and canned can cause other effects as they include artificial ingredients as well.

Blue Berries:

Blueberries are also important as a beauty food item this is because of the fact that along with different minerals and vitamins they contain antioxidant agents which enhance the beauty of an individual. Moreover you can also have oysters as they contain zinc essential for the proper working of the human body. Our body requires very less amount of zinc even then we can not have it because these days most of the items contain artificial ingredients. Oysters have the actual zinc needed for the human body. You can use these in variety of ways and with different other food items. Kiwi fruit is another beauty item that offers a delicious taste as well. It contains vital elements that help our skin to become smooth and fresh.

Fresh Vegetables:

Moreover vegetables such as sweet potatoes and spinach can also be used to enhance the beauty and are among the best vegetables than help in making you beautiful. You should also try tomatoes as they are also antioxidant agent. The elements present in tomatoes are easily absorbed by the body and helps in improving body processes. Walnuts contain elements that improve your hair, bones, skin and eyes. They are vital provided of vitamin E. This vitamin is present in few items and is walnut is the best provider of it. Last but not the least beauty food item is dark chocolate. You will be thinking that all these items are not good in taste except few but dark chocolate is also good when used with other items such as milk.

If you use the items mentioned above I gurantee you that you will see positive and great results for improving your beauty and enjoying a healthy life.